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Lack of confidence is something all artists struggle with at one time or another.

In episode 024 of the Art Biz Podcast, artist and instructor Gwen Fox tackled this critical topic and gave tips for becoming a more confident artist.

This checklist was created using those insights as a starting point.


Confidence comes and then can disappear within seconds. Be aware of these killjoys that can crash your confidence party.

Limiting self-talk.
Listen for phrases that come out of your mouth such as I am bad at or I am not. Rephrase them to reflect how you want to be. Perhaps I am working on or I am becoming are better options.

Beliefs that aren’t truths.
What, in your past, has cast a shadow on how you view your abilities? Examining where your mindset originated will help you identify old stories that need to be shed.

There is no such thing as perfect, so stop trying to be perfect or believing that you’re a perfectionist. Got that? Saying I’m a perfectionist is as harmful as saying I am terrible at[whatever].

Perfectionism is a form of procrastination and will always keep you safe and small.

The inner critics.
You recognize these creatures. They say things like Who do you think you are? Fire those voices! Who let them in anyway?

The outer critics.
When you send your art out into the world, you are vulnerable to rejection, harsh words, and, perhaps worst of all, indifference. While you may glean valuable insight from those who are knowledgeable about art and judicious with dispensing that wisdom, you have to learn to trust yourself. You must learn to have faith in your decisions.

The Artist’s Confidence Checklist ©Alyson B Stanfield, ART BIZ SUCCESS


  • Self-care.
    Take care of yourself inside and out. When you are physically and mentally healthy, you feel better about yourself. You hold your head up higher, speak louder and more clearly, and take more risks that can lead to big growth.
  • Visualization.
    Visualize the future you desire and the artist you want to become. As Gwen said, “What you think about is what you bring about. . . . What you dwell on becomes your reality. . . . Your thoughts are energy so keep your thoughts positive.”
  • Goal-setting.
    Goals help you focus on the life you envision. They give you direction and remind you that there is something to look forward to, and they ensure that you make the most of this one precious life.
  • Affirmations.
    Affirmations are positive statements that reflect the future you envision for yourself. Write, read, and repeat affirmations daily, and sometimes even more frequently when needed.
  • The growth mindset.
    Understand that you are a work in progress rather than believing that you have reached your potential in a certain area. You can learn and improve in every area of your life. You can even embrace failure as a necessary step to success.

If you’d like to explore this list in depth, listen to the interview with Gwen Fox on the Art Biz Podcast.