Tracy Budd

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Winter Adult Classes


Working Your Ideas Into a Series (Painting Basics and Beyond)with Tracy Budd
8 classes: Mondays, January 9 – February 27 • 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. • $250
“The mystery of painting…what to leave in, what to leave out. How do I better portray my feelings about this idea? Is it fueled by color, value, texture or line? My shapes…how do they relate to each other? Do they move across the page, interact or overlap? Less is more, but not always. Hulling the idea, over and over until clarity emerges, there it is…like a dance, a promise, my focus complete…my reason.” Tracy Budd

Sometimes working an idea in a series of paintings will help you develop and organize your feelings about the subject in unexpected ways.We will work on multiple smallish paintings, from beginning sketches to sophisticated surfaces, always concentrating on value, composition, color and content. Layered acrylics/watermedia. Demos weekly. Use form at left to contact Tracy for a supply list and questions.register_button

Open Studios and Critique (experimental watermedia)with Tracy Budd
8 classes: Mondays, January 9–February 27 • 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. • $250
Join an enthusiastic group of artists that share their work weekly, which will make you paint more regularly! There are weekly critiques at the beginning of class, with plenty of painting time after.Tracy will meet you right where you are with your painting projects. We learn so much from each other in this class as we discuss each other’s processes and painting journey. It’s in the sharing that art is made! All mediums welcome. Stay for the afternoon demo and class if you’d like a full day of painting! A $50 discount if you take both classes.Use form at left to contact Tracy with questions.register_button

Stamp and Stencil Makingwith Tracy Budd
1 class: Monday, March 6 • 10:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m. • $75
Ever wonder how to make your own stencils and stamp designs? Making our own shapes and symbols into our design make the work that we use these in more personal and authentic.Tracy will supply the plastic for the stencils and board for the stamps. Bring your ideas and an exacto knife! A fun mindless project that will keep on giving when you use your own stencil/stamps. Lunch break if needed.Use form at left to contact Tracy for a tiny supply list and questions.register_button